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1. Login into your client area

  • click "backup" tab to access Veesp Backup control panel.
  • click "click here to access Control Panel". 
  • click "Backup & Disaster Recovery" to open control panel.

2. Click the device for which you want to recover the data, and click the "Recover".

3. From the list of backup dates, select the date that you want to run the recovery, click "Recover".

4. Select either "Entire machine" or "Files/folders", depending on what you want to recover.

5. Select the recovery machine (physical or virtual), the target machine to which the recovery will be done.

6. Click "Start Recovery".

The following table summarizes the available recovery methods, described in details in paragraph #6 of the full, detailed and updated guide:

What to recoverRecovery method
Physical machine
(Windows or Linux)
Using the web interface
Using bootable media 
Physical machine (Mac)Using bootable media 
Virtual machine
(VMware or Hyper-V)
Using the web interface 
Using bootable media 
Virtual machine or
container (Virtuozzo)
Using the web interface 
ESXi configurationUsing bootable media 
Files/FoldersUsing the web interface 
Downloading files from the cloud storage 
Using bootable media 
Extracting files from local backups
System state

Using the web interface
SQL databases
Exchange databases
Exchange mailboxes
Office 365 mailboxes

Please use the table in article #6 of the full and updated guide to choose a recovery method that best fits your need and enviroment you use your backup for.

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