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1. Login into your client area

  • click "backup" tab to access Veesp Backup control panel.
  • click "click here to access Control Panel". 
  • click "Backup & Disaster Recovery" to open control panel.

Later, you as administrator can switch between the backup control panel and the management portal. To access the
backup control panel from the management portal, on the "Overview" tab, find the "Backup & Disaster
Recovery" section, and then click "Manage service". To access the management portal from the backup
control panel, click "Manage accounts" in the top-left corner.

2. Once you've accessed your backup control panel and before installing the backup agent you can:  

  • change the language of the web interface by clicking the account icon in the top-right
  • access full "Backup Service" guide, the "help" icon. 

3. To proceed with backup agent installation click the "Add" button to add a device for backing up.

Choosing the device type you want to backup:  

  • select "Show all options" to access the full list of supported devices.
  • you will be prompted with a list of options for the environment you want to backup, those are: Workstations, Servers, Mobile devices, Virtualization hosts and Applications.
  • a brief summary of the agent selection depending on the environment is provided in paragraph 5 of this guide.

4. Once you've selected the suitable for you backup agent:

  • click on the agent name/icon
  • run the installation file and using your backup login details  
  • proceed through the installation using the inbuilt guide 
  • once the backup agent is installed, the device you selected for backup will be displayed in the backup control panel.

5.Installing the backup software/agent summary depending on the environment:

What are you going to back up?

Which agent to install?

Where to install it?

Physical machines

Physical machines running Windows

Agent for Windows

On the machine that will be backed up.

Physical machines running Linux

Agent for Linux

Physical machines running macOS

Agent for Mac


SQL databases

Agent for SQL

On the machine running Microsoft SQL Server.

Exchange databases

Agent for Exchange

On the machine running the Mailbox role of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes

Agent for Office 365

On a Windows machine that is connected to the Internet.

Depending on the settings chosen by your service provider, you may or may not need to install Agent for Office 365. For more information, refer to "Protecting Office 365 mailboxes" 

Machines running Active Directory Domain Services

Agent for Active Directory

On the domain controller.

Virtual machines

VMware ESXi virtual machines

Agent for VMware

On a Windows machine that has network access to vCenter Server and to the virtual machine storage.*

Hyper-V virtual machines

Agent for Hyper-V

On the Hyper-V host.

Virtuozzo virtual machines and containers

Agent for Virtuozzo

On the Virtuozzo host.

Virtual machines hosted on Amazon EC2

The same as for physical machines**On the machine that will be backed up.

Virtual machines hosted on Windows Azure

Citrix XenServer virtual machines

Red Hat Virtualization (RHV/RHEV)

Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM)

Oracle virtual machines

Mobile devices

Mobile devices running Android

Mobile app for Android

On the mobile device that will be backed up.

Mobile devices running iOS

Mobile app for iOS

PLEASE NOTE: full and updated guide