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titleCan i get a trial VPS?

Yes, you can order one of the following VPS packages for testing them out for 3 days:
Linux HDD Sandbox, Linux HDD 1, Linux HDD 2
Linux SSD Sandbox, Linux SSD 1, Linux SSD 2
To do so, please create an order with one of these packages (without paying) and open a support ticket requesting a trial. Please provide the Invoice number that was issued for the server.
(warning) Windows VPS are not eligible for free trial due to licensing limitations
(warning) Only one trial server can be activated per customer

titleWhat payment options


do you provide?

You can use PayPal (either as manual or subscription payments), most common Credit/Debit cards, Bitcoin (your wallet needs to support the Bitcoin Payment Protocol), as well as Webmoney, Yandex money and Qiwi.
(warning) Due to legislative limitations, international customers need to have a signed contract with us in order to use direct bank transfers. To sign a contract, please open a support ticket and provide your company and contact details.

titleDo you offer refunds?

Refunds are issued on a case-to-case basis, be it full or partial.
If you would like to see how our servers perform and if they suit you, we strongly encourage requesting a trial VPS before buying one in order to avoid potential refund requests.

titleI have paid my invoice with Bitcoin, but it still is "unpaid"

It is not uncommon for Bitcoin payments to take over 30 minutes to process due to the nature of blockchain and the necessity to confirm the validity of the transaction by gathering blockchain confirmation from various sources. Your invoice will be automatically marked as paid the moment the blockchain confirmations have been gathered and our payment processor flags the transaction as valid.

titleIs there are grace period for paying invoices?


Yes, there is a 3 day grace period for paying the invoice. After that the server will be suspended, but will be turned back on if the invoice is paid. Servers are terminated 14 days after the missed due date.

titleCan you restore my


VPS after


it has been



No, VPS termination is final and all data is irreversibly lost.

titleCan i change my billing cycle?

Yes, you can change your billing cycle in the server management page.
(warning) You can only change it to a longer billing cycle. If you would like to change it to a shorter billing cycle instead, please open a support ticket.
(warning) All outstanding invoices for the service must be paid before changing the billing cycle.