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Dedicated servers are ideal for large organizations, websites or projects with much higher traffic. The clients get full control of the server which allows them to configure it to meet their own needs. The dedicated plans come in unmanaged form but can be also managed by us in case of any issues or requests.


Frequently Asked Questions

titleWhere are your servers hosted?

Our dedicated servers are hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as in Riga, Latvia

titleCan i resell your dedicated servers as VPS, VPN, web hosting, etc?

Yes, absolutely.

titleAre there any setup fees?

Server fee is covered by the 1st month of server use and is included in the price of the server. In case of a premature client-initiated refund request during the first month of use the fee (€80) will be deducted from the refund amount.

titleAre there any "hidden" fees?

No, we believe in good business practices. The only additional fee we might issue is a €20 fee for server re-installation in case you are unable to do it yourself.

titleCan i upgrade my servers after they have already been installed?

Yes, within the limitations of your specific platform. Some of our platforms support up to 4 HDD/SSD drives, while others have only 2 and DIMM slots are also finite. But we do our best to accommodate your needs, so if you need to upgrade anything specific on your server, please let us know via a support ticket.

titleWhy are the bandwidth upgrades so "expensive"

The short answer: They are not. Our prices are very competitive for the service that we provide.

Unlike several other server and network providers, we offer dedicated channels for our servers, which means that your server will be the only device using it and the performance of the channel will be constant. Traffic is also unmetered.

titleDo you offer Burstable traffic billing?

Yes, we do. Please contact us via a support ticket for pricing inquiries and to order it for your server(s).

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