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In order to take advantage of the increased storage space after a VPS upgrade, you need to resize your partitions manually.

You can do it using the Gparted graphic utility.

How to mount Gparted:

  1. Log in to your VPS Control Panel with Control Panel Username and Control Panel Password you recieved by email
  2. Click on the CDRom tab
  3. Select 'Gparted 0.18 x64'
  4. Click on the Mount button
  5. Click on the Settings tab
  6. Choose the '(1) CDRom (2) Hard Disk' type of Boot Order
  7. Reboot your VPS by clicking 'Reboot' button in your VPS Control Panel

After VPS reboot the system will boot into the Gparted interface. To access it, use the VNC function on the main page, and select the HTML5 option. 

You can usually skip all of the initial pre-boot questions by choosing the default option in all menus.

Once you are in the GUI, proceed to resizing the partition:

Resizing a Partition:

1. Select a partition

2. Click on the Partition tab and choose Resize/Move and adjust the size of the partition.

3. Specify the alignment of the partition and click on the Resize/Move button

4. Reboot your VPS and do not forget to change Boot Order type to default '(1) Hard Disk (2) CDRom' in your VPS Control Panel.


If you have a SWAP enabled in your system, you must delete the SWAP before partition resize, and then create a new one:

(warning) In case you have more than one partition (i.e. main partition and swap), they will initially be next to each other, which will prevent you from extending the main partition into the unpartitioned space. In this situation all you have to do is to move the last partition(s) to the very end of the unpartitioned space and then extend the main partition to fill the gap.

Learn more about Gparted here

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