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How does it work?

  1. First you need to sign up on our website as an affiliate to get a personalized referral link
  2. Place the link on your website, share it with friends, colleagues or promote it in any other way
  3. Anyone who uses your referral link registers on our website and buys one of our servers.
  4. You receive commissions from every purchases made by the client you attracted on a permanent basis*
*Commissions are added to your balance 7 days after the purchase.

Using a link might not be always convenient

You are right! In the Affiliate Center you can create your own promotional codes and attract even more customers by offering them a discount! With each order placed using your promotional code, you also receive a commission.

What commission do i get?

  • 10% from each virtual server order
  • 5% from each dedicated server order

How can I withdraw funds?

You can withdraw your profits via PayPal. Alternatively it can be credited to your balance that you can use to purchase our services. Please note that when withdrawing to PayPal, you have to cover all associated fees yourself.
In order to withdraw your balance, please open a support ticket, with the amount you would like to withdraw and the PayPal address that you would like to receive the funds on.

What is the minimum withdraw amount?

  • The minimum withdraw amount for PayPal is $50. Please, note that payment system commission is paid by the affiliate.
  • The minimum withdraw amount to be credited to your account balance is $3.
The data center administration reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice.
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