• The service is considered to be delivered based on the success criteria set by the client.
  • Veesp does not provide support to the server after the requested task has been deployed.
  • Veesp can decline the server administration request at their own discretion.
  • Veesp does not carry any responsibility for damages that might occur to other services, not directly correlated to the performed task.
  • Veesp does not carry responsibility for prolonged or delayed completion of the agreed upon tasks, that was caused due to misinformation or lack of information provided by the customer.
  • Customer must provide any software licenses if they are required to achieve the success criteria.
  • Veesp will not provide support to services or software, or support activities that are in violation of Veesp's Terms of Service: ToS


  • Server administration service is provided during our business hours (10:00-18:00 UTC +3 on weekdays) with a response first response time of no more than 60 minutes.
  • Expedited administration service is available outside the business hours for an additional fee, given that Veesp administrators are available at the time.
  • Billable time will be calculated from the time when administrator begins to work on the task, until the success criteria is met, regardless of the types of tasks involved into achieving those criteria.
  • If the administrator at hand is not able to finish the work all at once, he will inform the customer regarding the interruption and when the work will be resumed. This time will not be calculated as part of the final fee.


  • Price for regular service € 80/hour (Depending on your location, pricing and currency may change and VAT applied.)
  • Veesp will require the 1st hour of work to be paid upfront before starting to work on the task. This requirement can be waved at Veesp's discretion.


Most common tasks that we can perform

Estimated time*

Configuring virtualization systems  KVM | LXC | Docker | Kubernetes | vmware | OpenVZ | Virtuozzo | SolusVM>2h
Deploy and configure cloud backup service1h 
Deploy LAMP/LEMP1h
Install Apache | Nginx1h  
Install PhPmyadmin | Wordpress1h 
Installation of monitoring systems Icinga | Munin | Zabbix | Collectd | Nagios2h
Install MySQL | Postgree | MariaDB1h 
Set up and configure OpenVPN1h
SSH / FTP configuration1h