All Veesp virtual servers are unmanaged. In order to properly manage their server, clients require basic knowledge of their chosen OS and the software that they plan to run on their server.
Veesp provides primary tools for server setup and administration, as well as ensures the capacity to access the server remotely even if regular means of access (SSH, RDP, VNC) are unavailable.

Clients are managing their servers on their own without direct assistance from Veesp. Employees of Veesp will provide technical support only for general issues, affecting the functionality of the server itself.
Employees of Veesp will monitor server resource usage, ensure server hardware and network operation and provide 24/7 customer support in accordance with our
Service Level Agreement

You can turn to customer support regarding the following questions:

  • Network issues. For example, if your server has lost network connectivity.
  • Server hardware. For example, if you are experiencing issues with your server that can only be explained with damaged hardware.
  • Issues with SolusVM control panel.
  • OS templates and ISO images.
  • Billing and invoices.

This list is not exhaustive, but it provides you with an idea of how unmanaged servers operate. Any software installed by a client is their direct responsibility and Veesp does not provide support for it.
Neither will Veesp install any packages or software that is not present in the OS templates provided to the client during server deployment and re-installation via the dashboard.

We provide support only in English and Russian languages.

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